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Ata & Rattan Series

Ata & Rattan Bags are originally hand-woven in Bali, Indonesia. In a small village which well known for basketry. Entirely made of natural materials, characterized by the structural weaving that reappears classic indigenous basket bags with simple aesthetics.

Rattan and Ata are pliable but strong was once the best-woven material in Indonesian indigenous culture. The one thread weaving technique enables the knot being unbreakable, and commonly used for basketry for a long time ago.

The process of making the bags is very time-consuming.

In the end, the fruits of their effort are very well worth the long, laborious process. Each bag is unique, stylish, fun to use, and are very sturdy and well-made. We hope that this post has given you some more insight into our products, and also convey to you the extreme pride we have in bringing them to you.

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