Inspired by Indonesian indigenous culture, Shaka explores natural materials through delicate craftsmanship to bring to the world fabulously handcrafted pieces that last for years, even decades.


That's why we partner with best, experienced artisans, and source only the finest materials to create our timeless products and share the story with you.


Based in Bali, Indonesia, we are working closely with small, independent local artisans and artisans group in Karangasem, Bali's basketry capital well known for a long time ago. We visit them often and build strong personal relationships with them. Basket weaving as an art-form has been pass down through generations, and we take pride to take part in sustaining its long-held traditions together. 



Talented artisans in Bali and other states in Indonesia often face similar barriers to growth: the lack of knowledge of efficient production methods, international quality standard, and access to quality materials, equipment, financing, and lucrative market.


At Shaka, we strive to build a quality culture with every artisan we are working with. We always put a big effort to reach the finest quality of craftsmanship for each piece of our products. Yet we know, it is impossible to seek perfection from handmade products. And we believe that the imperfections and natural blemishes are what make handmade products charming and unique.​



We believe our fair-partnership with the local artisans to be one of the best methods of healthy income creation, though a fair prosperity wage with immediate cash payments for each product made. Become a sustainable hand-up out of poverty and also a good way to preserve quality generational craftmanship.